Texans for Access is a project of the NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Foundation. Our aim in sharing our stories is to break down abortion stigma and create another safe space for Texans to share their abortion experiences and express their support abortion access and loved ones who have had abortions.

While many Texas politicians attack access to reproductive health care, the reality is Texans do not support restrictions that put safe abortion access out of reach for those without money, transportation and time. Texans have abortions and Texans support access to abortion. We support each other in our reproductive health decision-making.

Texans for Access was started after the founders of the Not Alone Project – Sherry, Brett and Beth Matusoff Merfish and Emily Letts –  approached NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Foundation about taking over the project. We are continuing the important work they started, posting videos of people sharing their abortion experiences, so others know they are not alone in their abortion decisions.

Participants can either share a personal abortion experience, share why they support access to abortion care or why they support a person who has made the decision to have an abortion. Anyone who identifies as a Texan can participate in the project.

Share your story or message of support today.